Litigation Investigations – Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse wrongdoing is frequently complex with multiple layers of critical detail. Such situations are exactly suited to FRCS litigation support services.

We are expert regarding Credit Suisse wrongdoing. We have assisted law enforcement, government agencies and regulators at a very high level. We have lawfully obtained relevant criminal investigation files in several countries.

Our team has used specialized procedures to obtain internal documents which are not available to US or UK law enforcement agencies. I have personally met with high ranking law enforcement officials in the USA, EU and elsewhere as well as with Credit Suisse Legal and Compliance Department to share the results of our investigations.

Before the 2008 financial crisis, FRCS warned major world governments that organized crime in banks would bring financial calamity – and it did.

The video below shows 2014 sworn testimony from Credit Suisse executives, denying the manipulation of billions of dollars of financial statements. The CEO and General Counsel Division were formally notified of a criminal organization inside their bank a year before the interview but they refused our offer of supporting evidence.

Just 81 days later, the bank pled guilty to a “massive” criminal conspiracy felony, officially making it a criminal bank. It had obstructed the US criminal investigation preventing anyone from knowing how far the crimes extended throughout the bank’s organization.

Two years later, the SEC penalized the bank a further $90 million for exactly what they denied above under oath – the manipulation of billions of dollars.